Days gone by…

His holiness the Dalai Lama and bishop Desmond tutu came to Dharamkot.

dalai lama comes top dharamkot
Dalai and desmond together

What an amazing experience it was to be in their presence. They emanated pure joy and that vibrated from the crowd that had gathered to meet them.

Dalai lama sitting in dharamkot
dalai lama sitting in dharamkot

So many young school children who were just beaming with excitement. The Dalai Lama answered questions from the audience and each answer was met with a lengthy chuckle. What a happy soul! I’ve literally never heard a more genuine and gorgeous laugh and seen such a smile.

We all sang happy birthday and shared cake. After his holiness and bishop Desmond tutu left, the crowd was glowing and filled with gratitude for what they had experienced.
A perfect day.

On Friday we all went to see a bhuto dance performance in such a beautiful garden setting. It was really interesting and a very passionate performance.

Saturday evening was filled with a beautiful class from our lovely Michelle where she incorporated yin style poses with a gentle seated vinyasa flow. Personally it was so nice for me as I have been sick for the past week and it really helped lift my mood and calm the aggravation in my body. We finished it off nicely with sharing tea on a rooftop absorbing the mountain bliss.

I can not write this post without mentioning the tragic earthquake that has happened in Nepal. I dedicate all prayers and positive thoughts to everyone affected. x

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