Tea Ceremony

Have you ever been to a tea ceremony?

I experienced my first one yesterday. Firstly we gathered around and observed how to make the perfect brew while listening to the legendary tales of how each tea was born. IMG_0702 (1)IMG_0695
We passed around the leaves and smelled their different aromas- green tea, oolong and jasmine. Sipping from tiny little cups we focused on the meditative aspect of drinking tea.
It was a really nice learning experience, although I have to admit I was a little sad to learn that I haven’t been drinking real tea all my life, “just dust!”
The ceremony closed with a gentle meditation and some beautiful basuri music. What more could you want- chai and music shared with friends in the mountains.. Am I dreaming?!

Following on this morning we started with the first of the student practical examinations and followed with some aerial yoga. IMG_0742

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