Life as a Student at Parimukti by Charley Smeets #3

So, philosophy. The subject that got our attention from the first class onward. Yoga philosophy focuses on the history of yoga and the way its set out by Patanjali ” the father of yoga”. We also discussed chakra’s and its system. All this is part of the yoga philosophy. Manjeet, our teacher, came up with a sequence in order to put down everything that Patanjali wrote. And we were quite blown away with it and the theory behind it. As the weeks passed it became a part of our way of looking at the further information as well. Yoga philosophy is a really interesting subject and there is much to discover, research and gain knowledge on. Again it is about applying it to your own way. Whether you believe in an afterlife, karma and the universal consciousness, you can find all your answers in yoga. I’m quoting Manjeet there. Manjeet also thought meditation classes. These were really new for me. I was quite nervous for the first meditation class we had. It’s always difficult to open up to a group of people you don’t know. But after the first two classes I wasn’t nervous anymore, I actually was looking forward to experience a new kind of meditation.
We did a lot of different ones; heart meditation, chakra meditation, partner and solo meditations. Manjeet really knows a lot and he brings it across so professional and clear. I really opened up to new subjects and experiences and that is so good. Some were really heavy and focused on releasing anger and other ones were softer and focused on compassion and love. Throughout the month you are exposed to a lot but everything is done with the right balance and right guidance.

I can tell you a lot more about every class we had but I think the information will be to much to take in. All in all I can say it has
been lovely to experience a full month of yoga and all that comes with it. It’s though, you have do dedicate yourself completely but it’s well worth it. You don’t know what exactly you get into when signing up for the training, but Parimukti gave me more than I could ask for. It’s been wonderful to be and learn in an environment where everyone is open to each other and nothing is wrong or strange. I hope I can make what I have learned my own and give my own interpretation to it. I have been given new energy to take back to my daily life and invest in that as well. So thank you guys (teachers) for that! You are doing a great job :)!

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