Successful Start of the Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training!

Yesterday we started the first Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training of 2016 in Goa, India. At our beautiful location in North Goa at the permaculture center we will be studying and learning together for the next five weeks.

During our first workshop yesterday we discussed the principles of yoga therapy and the foundations on which our training is build. For you guys, who weren’t there, a review 😉

Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training is designed for yoga teachers and health professionals whIMG_2357 (1)o want to offer individual treatments combining scientific medical science with yoga and meditation practices, based on a deep understanding of human body and the effects of Yoga and Meditation on the health and happiness of individuals

Parimukti Yoga Therapy is developed as an answer to increasing demand for a different approach to health and well-being. A demand which has been triggered by a growing understanding and experience of single individuals that we are more than our tangible, physical bodies and are made up of different layers. It is more broadly accepted now that disease is only an expression of an imbalance with causes that often go beyond the physical body. In order to be able to help somebody we need to start looking with different eyes and understand that the complaint is only an expression of imbalance and thus treatment might have to take place at another dimension

Pillars of Parimukti Yoga Therapy

We recognise each individual as being made up of three ‘layers’:
(1) BODY – physical body,
(2) MIND – emotional body, and
(3) SPIRIT – energetic body

  • Nobody stands alone and an individual’s well being is highly influenced by his ability to express himself in society, family and relationships fully and freely, without fear.
  • Balance in each layer is the foundation to overall health, an imbalance can express itself in ailments and complaints in any other ‘layer’
  • Integration of allopathic medicine, yoga philosophy and yogic practices – we believe and have experienced that they can strengthen each other if we are willing look for bridges rather than excluding one or the other.
  • Allopathic Medicine and Yoga form the foundation of the Parimukti Yoga Therapy, additionally we integrate proven therapies (both scientific evidence based and practice based) from other philosophies and healing systems such as Ayurveda, Cognitive Psychology, Buddhism, Dance Therapy, Family Constellation, and Laban Movement Analysis


Principles of Parimukti Yoga Therapy

  • Transformation, change and movement is the key to health, diseases develop due to a certain state of mind, behaviour or lifestyle habit and without addressing them lasting health cannot happen
  • Students and patients both must  have an authentic and deep desire to transform and grow without personal motivation and dedication, change and healing cannot happen
  • Treatments have a highly individual character – even if two clients present themselves with similar complaints, treatment could be differentIMG_2355
  • Stress reduction and finding a structure and balance that fits the individual client are the fou ndation for a healthy lifestyle
  • Core of a treatment plan are yogic practices such as asana, pranayama and concentration/mediation in combination with changes in life style and nutrition
  • Each therapist has to find his/her own way to be most effective, genuine and authentic. Students will be trained in the PYT framework but at the same time encouraged to integrate their personal/professional background
  • To be a genuine yoga therapist your own practice is most important, part of the course will be dedicated to your self practice to deepen understanding and foster continues personal transformation




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