Yin Yoga Practise To Ignite Your Fire

Yin Yoga Practise To Ignite Your Fire

Written by Sophie Nusselder

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YiN YOGA CLASS  – 75 min

This practise targets the organs and meridians Heart and Small intestine but also Pericardium and Triple Heater. For contra-indications and alternatives and options I’d like to address you to the following sources

  • website of Bernie Clark or
  • Book of Paul Grilley – The complete guide of Yin Yoga
  • Book of Sarah Powers – Insight Yoga

 Meditation Seat (5-10 min)

Sit in comfortable position (Sukhasana or Seiza)

Tune into your body. Connect with sitting bones, pelvic floor, abdomen, chest, throat, thirt eye, crown of the head + focus on parts of the body the other way around) Start connecting with natural breath. Observe where you breath. Eventually: start to breath with a soft Ujjayi Breath. Allow yourself to arrive fully on the mat.

Option: include a Yin instruction of Kapalabhati breathing (very slow en sweet, 3 rounds 12 pumps)

  1. Anahastasana – Melting heart – (5 min)

Getting into the pose: On your hands and knees, walk your hands forward, allowing your chest to drop toward the floor. Keep your hips right above your knees. If possible, keep your hands shoulder width apart.

Getting out of the pose: Either move back into Child’s Pose or slide forward onto your belly.

// Rebound – Childspose and Cat Cow

  1. Sphinx Pose (5 min)

Getting into the pose: Lie down on your belly. Place palms flat on the floor in frond of you. Bring lower arms on ground. You can start with baby sphinx and gradually move deeper in the pose and put shoulders and elbows aligned.

Getting out of the pose: Slowly lower your chest to the floor. Turn your head to one side and rest your cheek on your palms. You may wish to decompress the lower back more by sliding one knee up. Choose the knee that you are looking toward, and keep the knee and foot on the floor.

// Rebound: Childspose or Cat Cow or any flowing movement with hips

  1. Wide knee childpose with twist (5 min each side)

Getting into the pose

Begin in Childspose, then spread your knees as wide as they are willing to go, keeping your hips back near your feet. Twist to the left and take your right shoulder toward your left knee, rest it on the floor with your arm outstretched. Your left hand can reach around and rest on the lower back, or come around to your inner thigh. Rest your head on the floor or on your upper arm.

Change side

Release the left hand down on the exhale and as you push into the floor to come up, slide your weight over the other side, moving the left arm over the right, resting on the left shoulder and taking your right arm back.

Coming out of the pose

Exhale as you bring the right hand back on the floor. Inhale as you bring the right hand to the floor. Inhale as you come up, pushing down through the right hand. With your weight on both hands, bring the knees back together, resting in Child Pose.

// Rebound: Balasana (Child Pose)

  1. Caterpillar (5 min)

Come into the pose

From a seated position, extend your legs out in front. Begin to walk your hands forward until you reach your first sign of tension (known as your first edge). Round your spine forward and relax your legs. You may choose to bow your head forward to invite a deep stretch through the upper back, shoulders and neck. Breathe into the back of your body, with a special focus on the front, back and sides of heart and lungs.

Come out of the pose

To come out, walk your hands in and press up to an upright seat.

// Rebound: Table Top, flowing movement

  1. Supported fish pose or reclined butterfly (5 min)

Come into the pose

Use a block or bolster, positioned directly under the shoulders and head, lie back ensuring that your shoulders and chest are open and you feel supported. Find a comfortable position for your arms, allowing your palms to face up. Relax your legs—knees can be bent or straight, just find a shape that allows you to surrender your body for the next several minutes.

Come out of the pose

To come out, press into your elbows and release to one side, as you come off your props. Take a few breaths here before rolling onto your back.

// Rebound: knees to chest, give massage to lower back, twists

  1. Savasana (7-10 min)

Now, lie back with no set expectation or agenda. Release your practice and any lingering sensations from the postures that have led up to this very moment. Soften your entire body and settle your mind. With one hand on your heart, one hand on your belly, steep in the vitality from your practice. Relax. Let the body melt into the mat.


Pictures: sacredmoves.com / http://www.boukjekassenaar.nl

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