What can be practices to be a self-care yogi? # 2

What can be practices to be a self-care yogi? # 2

Written by Sophie Nusselder

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Last Tuesday I shared a text, written by Rachel Naomi Remen MD, about how “helping” suggests inequality while “fixing” suggests that another person is broken. You don’t have to “fix” or “help” people. Better “serve” from a place of gratitude. When you serve, you give from a full glass, with integrity. Here’s the link: http://learningcommunity.us/documents/IntheServiceofLife.pdf.

Exploring a life-style as a full-time yoga teacher, makes me think about what are practices to be a self-care yogi. Here they are. Please feel free to adjust, complement this list. Reactions are welcome: sophie@mulayoga.nl Thanks!

  1. Keep continuing your self-practice
  2. Be authentic as a yogi/yogini (strive to live according to the yamas and niyamas)
  3. Work on your own integrity and consistency: work on your own behavioural issues and understand your own “shadows”.
  4. Keep taking care of yourself with all the love and attention you have for yourself. (physically and emotionally)
  5. Focus on creating consistency in your classes (building up the class, sequence). This develops a space of trust and safety; the students know what to expect each week.
  6. Give students the opportunity to challenge themselves when they are ready to navigate forms in their own way and in their own time.
  7. Allow each student to have their own experience of feeling the trigger, as well as regaining control and coming back in the present moment. Your role, as teacher is to allow students to be safe in feeling their body and emotions in the present moment.
  8. Don’t judge: You stand in a place of superiority when you judge, and see others as inferior. It’s a destructive energy of being attached to “I am right” that you project onto someone else. Instead: exchange unconditional love with your students. Allow your students to be exactly who they are. When you surrender judgment and criticism, you will see the divine in everyone, including you. This is love.


// Picture 1: pinterest.com / Picture 2: parimukti.com

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