Download my book the next 5 days for free and write a review in return!

Dear Parimukti student,

I’m so exited! The next 5 days you can download my book “ Essential Yoga Therapy” for free on Amazon. I’d like to invite you on a journey of mind-body anatomy and physiology relevant to yoga therapy and write a review in exchange. Click here for the website:

Enjoy your readings. I’m looking forward to your response.

Love, Merel Martens – Founder Parimukti

About the book:

My book is written for everyone involved using yoga for healing. It introduces you to the essential concepts of yoga therapy Weaving in physiology of the human body it explains why, and how, yoga and meditation are beneficial and have the potential to prevent and cure modern lifestyle diseases.

It is meant to be the one source for yoga therapists, but also yoga teachers, serious yoga practices, massage therapists, mind-body therapists, health coaches and other professionals working in the field of health and well-being. With this book, my aim is to contribute to the work of ‘bridging’ the gap between modern and alternative, or if you like, Western and Eastern, traditions of healing although if you ask me, we cannot strictly speak of Eastern and Western anymore.

I can imagine that details of functional anatomy and physiology can be ‘boring’ – I say can imagine because I, personally, love this kind of stuff. In any case, I have selected the most relevant details, information that I feel every yoga teacher and therapist should be familiar with.

I can’t illustrate it better, applying the words of Dr. Shirley Telles, MD, PhD in the forword of my book.

“Essential Yoga Therapy” takes the reader through a journey of mind-body physiology. There are accurate yet easy-to-understand descriptions, amply illustrated, of anatomy and physiology relevant to yoga therapy. Merel Martens has included information from up-to-date research as well as actual practice, citing well-known yoga therapists and researchers. This book has information for everyone involved in using yoga for healing, not just beginners as the title modestly suggests! A must-read for anyone who wants to use this ancient science for healing!”