There’s more to yoga than vinyasa, I know this, I’m a yoga teacher! So why does a week without a strong dynamic daily practice cause me issues and what does that tell me?

Yoga Teacher Training goa
I normally get up very early to practice ‘#yogaeverydamnday’ and a strong ashtanga practice at that. This week I began my 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Course with Parimukti in Dharamkot, Dharamsala, India. I love India, I’ve been here two times before and each time has been a total blessing and learning experience. This time especially I knew what I was getting into and was prepared for the month ahead. I had some expectations, I had a picture in my head of how my training might be. Life as I am well aware however, flows better when we stay in the present, when we have no expectations.

Yoga Teacher Training course

This week we’ve had some wonderful asana classes focusing on totally different poses and sequences than I’m used to in a generally less dynamic way. Yoga, well at least the asana or posture part is a balance between strength and flexibility so I should have seen this as a way to increase my flexibility and balance out my practice. Instead I focused on the fact that my routine had changed and that I wasn’t doing as many vinyasas, how stupid is that?! such an amazing experience with an amazing set of people and I’m concerned about the lack of chataurangas!

Yoga Teacher Training Dharamsala

So I started asking myself why I was feeling like that? I’m a total fan of less dynamic styles so why was it bothering me so much? I realised that I needed to let go, to stop trying to control every aspect of my practice, my life. The second limb of the eight fold path of yoga tells me what I need to know- Ishvara Pranidhana- surrender to a power higher than myself (that knows what my body needs). After a recent relationship breakup it’s time for healing and what I’m getting right now on this course is exactly what I need.

So let go, trust and you’ll see exactly what you need will come to you at the perfect time.

Michelle Carter

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